"It is to do with electricity and robots" - Conor, age 6


Technology is everywhere. From computers and mobile devices that let us connect to the rest of the world instantly to apps and watches that help us keep fit and even remember to stand up to 'the internet of things' that connects everything in our environment, technology brings with it many possibilities for increased health and well-being.

What the children say

"We have a lot of technology in our school but sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad because sometimes we get into the zone of technology rather than worrying about fresh air outside" - Samy, age 10

"I wish that everyone would have a television that would never stop working" - Conor, age 6

What we say

What the research says

Excessive, unmonitored use of computers, especially when combined with use of other screen technologies, such as television, can place children at risk for harmful effects on their physical, social, and psychological development.

Children and Computer Technology: Analysis and Recommendations, The Future of Children (2000)

Start them thinking

Are you cleverer than your phone?
Can a computer think?
Should technology be allowed in exams?
Are you more intelligent when you have access to technology?
Should technology be banned from primary schools?

Possible activities

On the plus side, we are increasingly using technology to measure and monitor our health and our levels of activity, (11,500 steps is the desired amount for healthy, active children). Yet it can also lead to isolation, frustration, inactivity and be at the core of what makes us unhappy and unhealthy. We must help children understand both sides to this most modern of health and well-being challenges.

Have a technology-free day/week/month.
Run a 'Children, Technology and Parenting' workshop.

Have a 'techno-fit' week where you use technology to get fitter.
Invent something and run a Dragon's Den to see which invention should get made.
Explore how children live without access to technology.

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  • For my technology assembly, we looked at the positive and negative aspects of technology. I also used the assembly as an opportunity to discuss e -afety. Then to concentrate on the positives, the whole school got into mixed class teams, and we did a whole school kahoot quiz using the ipads. It was great to see the different year groups working together. They really enjoyed it.