Food and Drink

 "I wish for broccoli" - Molly, age 4  

Food and Drink

We are what we eat. What we take in through our mouths becomes part of what we are. Which in turn becomes part of who we are. All the more so when it comes to growing children. The more we can support children and their families to have the information to make healthy choices, the healthier society as a whole will become.

What the children say

"The food at school is getting really better because last year we ordered for hot food then we got a sandwich instead of hot food and the school’s milk is sometimes out of date so I really want fresh food" - Samy, age 10

"I personally think you certainly need food, but many people around the world eat much too much" – Breanna, age 11

What we say

Modern day food and drink choices are causing damage to the population with increasing concerns about obesity and heart disease. High levels of sugar, fats and salt in food are damaging the health of a generation of children yet, at the other end of the scale, food poverty is now commonplace. And while childhood drinking and smoking is declining they are still important issues to address.

What the research says

There is evidence that a poor diet associated with high fat, sugar and processed food content in early childhood may be associated with small reductions in IQ in later childhood.

Are dietary patterns in childhood associated with IQ at 8 years of age? University of Bristol (2010)


Start them thinking

How true is to say 'you are what you eat'?
Can food make you sad?
Would you rather have only milkshake or only water?
Should schools force you to eat healthy food?
Is eating nothing but burgers a more effective form of protest than hunger strike?
Are children responsible for what they eat and drink?

Possible activities

Have a healthy eating week at school.
Prepare and cook healthy eating menus.
Look at where food comes from - field to table (via a factory?).
Look at what children are eating all round the world and why.
Run a healthy eating café for the community.

What You've Been Up To So Far:

  • Held a 12th Night wassail in our nursery orchard. We thanked the trees for the fruit they have given us, and hoped for a good crop this year. We 'toasted' the trees by grilling toast over a campfire and hanging it up for the birds. We also mulled some apple juice with honey and spice over the fire and shared it out.

  • Some of the staff have been sharing lunches with each other rather than each bringing their own

  • Our preschoolers have been visiting a local Tudor Tithe Barn, however, it has recently been assessed as structurally unsound and needing some repair work. The children want to help, and so next week we are making Barn-ana muffins for a snack stall

  • We'll also be serving noodles as part of our learning about Chinese New Year.