A Welcome from Professor Sir Al Aynsley Green

Children and young people across the UK are experiencing unprecedented challenges in their lives.


Whilst the majority work hard to be successful, are law abiding and are loved in their families, there is incontrovertible evidence that there are too many who are experiencing outcomes for their health, wellbeing and education that are amongst the worst in the developed world.


Confronting, let alone addressing and improving these dismal data, are key for the future.


It requires a ‘paradigm shift’ in political and societal attitude in how we see the need to have healthy, educated and resilient children now to become the productive adults we need in the future to support an ever-ageing population and deal with the many challenges that face the world.


The Being Well Agenda is a new and innovative project bringing together schools with some of the UK's leading organisations focused on such a 'paradigm shift', organisations with a track record of making change happen in schools across the country.


The rationale is simple.


We have divided the overall health and well-being of a school and its community into ten main themes, one for each month of the school year. Schools who want to be part of the Being Well Agenda community simply need to focus on each theme for a month for the year, running events or activities that could range from an assembly to an INSET day, a whole-school project to a community event, a single classroom activity to a parents evening.


We don't mind what you do as long as you do something.


By starting small and taking regular, sustained, meaningful actions, we hope that these ten themes will soon start to become part of your everyday school life which in turn will help influence the health and well-being of many, many thousands of children for the better.


Thank you for being part of the Well Being Agenda and do let us know how you get on.


With all best wishes.


Professor Sir Al Aynsley Green

June 2016

This is an amazing Sketchadoodle about the Being Well Agenda project by Independent Thinking Associate and Being Well Agenda team member Nina Jackson.

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